Psychological Certificate

The psychological certificate that the UMF Cluj-Napoca is asking for can only be written down by a psychologist.

This document is made of three elements : the test scores, a report and a document that justifies that i am a genuine psychologist (ADELI).

Since 2017, I have been performing Psychological Certificates for several candidates from Canada, UK, USA, Spain, Germany and other countries.

I can perform this service remotely. It includes the Ysq-S1 test supplemented by a whattsapp phone interview.

All the process can be done generaly within a week.

Fees may vary from one country to another, depending whether you are in the SEPA zone and if there are banking fees :

– If you are paying from an account set in the Euro Zone, the fees are set to 160 euros.

– If your account is outside SEPA/Euro zone, then i will ask you to pay 180 euros.

For more information about the psychological certificate for your application to the UMF Cluj-Napoca, you can contact me via whatsapp or regular phone (same number : +33652810032).

You can also message me at this address or fill the form below (make sure you enclose your phone number) :

Please check you spam inbox, as my messages seems to go in there when i answer / you might prefer to use the form so i can get your message more easily.

The best and fastest way to contact me is to message me on whatsapp or give a call.

IMPORTANT : Please do not use the direct payment bouton that is on the main page. Some credit cards won’t work depending on the country you are in.

If you are willing to process to a credit card payment, please call me on whatsapp so we can find a solution if your country is not accepted for the credit card payment.

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